At Kalafrana Ceramics with have on display numerous types of natural stone tiles.  Materials on display include Granite, Polished and Honed Marbles, Polished and Honed Limestone, Travertine, Conglomerated Marble, Sandstone, etc.  Mosaic sheets in natural stone are also available.  Various lines can be purchased in slab form to be used in conjunction with matching mosaics or tiles. Most stone comes in numerous formats and finishes - they can also be machined for steps and pool surrounds.

Clients are reminded that one of the main characteristics of Stone Tiles is the variation that comes naturally.  A variation in tones and movement is part of this products beauty. These unique characteristics are hard to replicate in any man made tile.

Stone also has its limitations.  Clients must be fully aware of the properties of the material they are purchasing.  At Kalafrana Ceramics we make sure the client is aware of all the pros and cons - making an educated decision if  it is suitable for there needs.

Natural Stone from Kalafrana

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