Bathrooms by "Daniela Design"
One of the big problems when renovating a bathroom is knowing exactly what look you wish to achieve at the budget you want to set.  This usually involves running from shop to shop getting ideas, chasing different suppliers for all the seperate  PC (toilet, etc) items.  The result is usually confusion and a lot of time spent getting no where fast.   Bathroom renovators are fantastic when it comes to building your bathroom, but generally limited in giving you options and ideas when designing your new room. 

It's amazing the difference planning a project can do.  Our Interior Designer - Daniela (DipSCDA) will come to your home, helping you chose the right colour, style, and look. 

It is so important that your bathroom achieves the look you want, but is a also practical and functional - and within budget.  Poor selection can lead to major problems when building and fitting out your room. Its amazing how many bathrooms are wrecked by even the simplest things like grout colour.  Daniela can aid in selecting tiles, tap-ware, vanities, toilets, mirrors, spas, baths etc. Specifications sheets and highly detailed drawings are supplied to you  - so then you can make sure tradesmen(whom we can also recommend) are quoting on exactly the same finished product.  Clicking on the drawing below will take you through a few projects that have recently been completed.

The Fixed Package Price includes:

- $200 rebate on your tile selection.
-Showroom meeting &  2 Home Visits within Sydney Metro Area
- Display/Concept board with your selections
- Specification sheet on all PC Items and pricing
- Detailed Plan & Elevation drawings of the bathroom layout (refer to projects)
-Further 5% discount on PC Items when purchased as a complete package
- List of recommended renovators or separate trades

For further details & pricing contact the showroom on
Click on drawing above for examples of recent projects