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Here we had a very small space that the client wanted to be functional & spacious, as well as incorporating a contemporary feel.  Firstly the impractical low-lying window in the shower/bath was replaced with a rectangular pivoting window at a greater height.  We wanted to keep the symmetry stream line, therefore rectangular 20x50cm wall tiles were used with a rectangular panel feature tile - these fitted in well with the window.  The wall tile is a new line from Spain that has a very light parallel fleck in it giving it a slight off white base - this allows the white PC items not to be lost on the base behind them.  The feature tile and floor tile are a matching set in the same colour.  The door was re-hinged, therefore not impeding the space of the room when opened, allowing the toilet to be repositioned to the adjacent wall.  The feature wall was placed diagonally across the room from the door way but also directly in front of the mirror.  This introduces depth to the room as when using the mirror the feature can be seen directly behind you and also across the room when viewed from the door.
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Detailed drawings are supplied with every project.  They highlight tile location, tile cut sizes, pc positioning, power point and light switches, paint colours, etc.....
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