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Carrara Bathroom Tiles Sydney
Classic designs in patterned tiles and mosaics. The look without the maintenance with these latest wall and floor tiles.
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"Tiles with Character" - Spanish Wall Tiles with the look of 250x750 Whitewash Bamboo. How about are new 300x900 Stucco Concrete look wall tiles. Detailed Digital Print - Every tile with it's own unique characteristics. Large Format Lantern Tiles make a great feature wall tile.

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Bathroom Tiles Sydney from Kalafrana

Feature Wall Bathroom tiles Sydney

Spanish Chester Porcelain Floor and Wall Tiles. Replicating Chiseled Edge Marble.

Soft warm tones with this range of Spanish 300x900 wall tiles. These new elongated format wall tiles add depth and width to any bathroom..

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subway tiles sydney

The Spanish Handmade look subway tiles with matching handmade look cappings. That timeless artisan look with texture and character.

bathroom renovation sydney
limestone porcelain tiles sydney

Tiles that have the look and feel of real limestone without the hassles. Digital print replica of the real stone.

Spanish Bathroom Large format Tiles with the look of Carrara Marble. 755x1510mm with an amazing 40 individual and unique prints making it look so real. Satin finish glazed tiles for both wall and floor applications in the bathroom. Also available in a glass coated gloss finish.

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Ceppo Di Gre mTiles Sydney bathroom
Ceppo di Gre sydney tiles

These Spanish Porcelain tiles replicate the Classic Ceppo Di Gre Stone. A terrazzo feel to this natural stone makes it aboth a classic and contemporary bathroom choice.

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